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OK, so you have made a great decision to build a network marketing business. The next question you might ask yourself is: what kind of products should I represent?

A networking marketing company’s product mix and quality is one of the most important aspects to review when considering involvement in a potential network marketing company opportunity.

Here are some thoughts to consider as you review a company’s product line:

Are they consumable? – To create true residual income your goal is to build a large network of consumers who frequently reorder the company’s products. Therefore, it is very important that the products are consumable, in other words, products that people will buy, use up, and reorder. Interestingly, one top network marketing consultant has stated that, based on the volume of potential repeat business, the three best types of product lines to become involved with are 1) Health and Wellness (Nutrition) 2) Beauty (Cosmetics/Skincare) and 3) Home Care (Cleaning).

Are they high quality? – The higher the quality of the company products, the less you will have to deal with product quality and return issues.

Are the ingredients safe? – Does the company use ingredients that are completely safe for personal consumption? Does the company undergo third party testing of ingredients? If you do a background check on the company, have they had any negative public relations due to product ingredient challenges?

Are consumers already using these types of products? – Many top network marketing companies focus on “redirecting” the spending of a consumer’s typical purchases. The more the consumer is already using the types of products the company distributes, the easier it is to encourage the consumer to buy those types of products through the new company system.

Are they easy to implement into one’s routine? – Are the products highly complicated or do they require extensive education to use? The ideal product mix should fit easily into a new associate’s lifestyle.

Do they create strong personal testimonials? – Network marketing success is dependent on how many people in your organization are actively sharing their experiences with the company’s products. Therefore, the better the product experience they have, the more they will tend to share their results. In a perfect world, the company products will create highly emotional and deeply personal product stories. Ex: If one of your team members has a life changing or even life saving product experience, they will be highly motivated to tell others about it.

Are they affordable/reasonably priced? – Are the products priced correctly? Are they affordable and within the range of what the associate has already been spending for similar products in the past?

Are you personally excited about the products? – Do you have a strong affinity for the company’s products? Would you use them even if there were not an income opportunity attached? Have you had a strong personal story with the products yourself?

Is there a wide range of products? – Does the company you are considering offer a broad range of products with wide appeal or is the promotional focus on one or just a few key products?

Does the company provide extensive product training? – Will you receive comprehensive initial and ongoing product training?

Does the company have cutting edge marketing tools to help your team tell the story? – Your organization will be comprised of many types of individuals with a wide range of backgrounds and professions. While some will have excellent presentation skills, many will not have had the opportunity to ever market a product to someone else before. The availability of high quality, professional tools will help your teams to convey the benefits of the products to their prospects.

In summary, identify a well-respected company that markets high quality, consumable products you are passionate about, and then share your enthusiasm with as many people as possible. Soon, you may find yourself enjoying an additional part or full-time income.

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